The following is research survey to get an idea of how people around the world feel about relationships.
Please be as honest as possible and read the choices carefully. This survey is anonymous and your identity will not be shared in any way.

I am
I identify as
I am a parent
Which of these religions aligns the most closely with your beliefs / practice ?
I identify as
I identify as
I feel closest to my partner(s) when
I personally know one or more person that is
I personally know somebody that is
I have
I have
I have
I determine that I'm in a romantic relationship with a person by
I am
I have
Cheating is
I stop sleeping with other partners when
Which of these would be okay for your partner if they asked permission
The following are fears I have about nonmonogamy
I have tired being in open relationship / polyamourous relationship
The following groups know I'm nonmonogamous
How many partners are you actively in a relationship with right now?
What is the maximum number of partners you've had at one time?
Sexual health
Birth Control
I have sex (all partners considered) about
STI / STD Status
I get tested
Emotional Education
My relationship with traditional therapy is
I use a therapy alternative (yoga, support groups, self help books) to keep up with my emotional health.
I check in with my partner(s) about how we feel about our relationship(s)

Thank you!