5 Boundaries to Cross to Let Him Know You Moved In

1. Throw Pillows


We all know that man aren’t allowed to like decorating. This is illustrated in their automatic distaste for throw pillows. Every single man hates throw pillows because they are not masculine. If you want to make your man aware that femininity is now the theme of his apartment, throw in a couple chevron pillows on that leather couch. Make sure they’re a gender neutral color like coral or turquoise that way it feels like a compromise.


2. Organize, Organize, Organize!

This place is a dump! All of this stuff everywhere!
Introduce small storage solutions like little drawers and countertop shelving. Starting in the bathroom is safest because you can disguise it as a necessity. He will think you just need a place to keep your flat iron for when you come over, but it is really an assertion of your claim to space.


3. Hair


This one is easy because it happens all on it’s own!
You can always help the hair along by pulling some out of your crash to leave in the sink or leaving a heavy deposit in the shower. These little reminders that you sleep in his bed and see him in nearly every waking moment at his home will bring a stiff smile to his face. Point it playfully that you’ve consumed him with the debris of yourself.


4. Party!


Have you always wanted to have a dinner party but your place just doesn’t fulfill your codependency patterns? Invite mutual friends and your friends alike to come make a mess and see the change that’s occurred in your boyfriend’s place. This outward expression of a super intimate and personal journey is probably more important than the journey itself. The validation you feel is like falling in love with him all over again.


5. The Key


There’s a reason some men fear the key. It’s is the final frontier in this war game you’ve been carefully playing. While sharing intimate and trusting time with a man is nice, it does not compare to knowing that you can come over when he isn’t home and finally feel that rush of being part of something for once in your life: A Relationship.

College Student Maintains "Masculinity Isn't Toxic" & Causes Bar Fight

With sexism pretty much out of the picture, men and women are treated equally. It is a kind of gender utopia for the binary (genders that matter). You see white men all the time able to proudly assert they are a feminist. Domestic abuse is pretty much eradicated. We did it, internet. WE WON!

There are still, however, plenty of speed bumps along the way. Not for women, of course. We got what we wanted: Attention. But men, especially cis white men, are being treated like garbage. Victory is sweet, but some women don’t know how to win gracefully.

Broad Boxxx is normally a sex advice blog, but today we wanted to take a look at a social injustice. Nothing is sexier than being politically and socially informed… by content on the internet with no hyperlinks, sources, or experts. 

Chad (name changed for privacy) was having a few drinks at the bar with his friends. They were playing a game they often play after this many beers (12) to see who could get the hottest phone number.

“We all have to buy a drink for the guy that gets the hottest girl’s phone number and a drink for the guy that gets the ugliest girl’s phone number because we want to be equal, right?” Chad explained.

As the night went on, Courtney, a hot girl, overheard them catcalling another pretty lady and bravely stepped it. Courtney stood up for the women.

“Women aren’t phone numbers, they’re people,” the hot blonde said in a statement to the campus newsletter. “These guys were making a competition out of us when we were just there to have a good time with our friends. It’s sick.”

Chad got heated in the argument with Courtney at the bar. She was trying to calmly explain “toxic masculinity”, a fake expression for guys being guys that cunts use, and Chad knew better than to let this bitch ruin their fun time.

“I had heard that phrase before because, ya know, I’m in college and girls are pretending they get raped all the time,” Derren, a member of Chad’s posse, recalled. “But when you say it in person, it’s kind of offensive to guys and I think that’s why Chad kind of wigged out.”

Witnesses at the bar unanimously reported that Chad yelled, “Masculinity isn’t toxic!” before taking a bar stool over his head and smashing it against the bar. The debris hit Courtney, causing her to scream, and all of the men in the bar rushed over to defend her. Chad reflexively punch anybody that seemed like a threat. 

“A huge bar fight broke out,” Courtney explained. “I was being pushed away while all these guys were hitting each other. I don’t even know if those guys that came to help knew why I was screaming, but they totally made the situation worse.”

Chad blames Courtney for the outburst while Courtney firmly blame “toxic masculinity”. Only one of those is real, and it’s obviously Courtney. However, her poor behavior is a lesson to all of us women.

Leaving men to behave they way they want is the ultimate path to a more peaceful state of gender relations. You can’t keep bringing up old arguments about fake stuff that doesn’t matter. Be a little more chill when you might otherwise get mad.

It isn’t about you or sexism. You as an individual women don’t stand a chance against a group of men and sexism isn’t really a problem anymore because women can vote and get jobs and stuff.

Relax, ladies. 


5 Ways to Please Your Man in Trump's America

Hide Your Crying

Nothing is less attractive than a girl that’s crying because she feels neglected by her country and disappointed in the state of a “Democracy” that’s actually a republic that keeps fucking her over emotionally and economically. If you want to cry, keep it in the shower when he's not looking. 

Condoms Condoms Condoms

The cost of the birth control goes up, the abortion is no longer an emergency option, or Make-America-Greaters are slapping Plan B out of your hand in the CVS parking lot. Who knows what’s going on really? Stock up on the safest sex you can, because your body is now the enemy. 

The Pearl Necklace

You know that dirty sex move that means a guy unloading on his girl’s chest or neck? Well, get used to that. Honestly, he can unload anywhere except in there. Using condoms? Have him pull out anyway! It’s fun way to get extra nasty and stop constantly imaging the chants of older women as they assert that you deserve children even if you don’t want them. Pull out or put up with a kid.

Pitch That Tent, Baby

Learn to pitch tents, start fires, and hunt for small game. He’ll find it super sexy that you can take care of yourself on a romantic get away in the woods. The best part is that when thing start to fall apart, you won't need to depend on the structure of society to survive. 

Put the Phone Away

Trump is not going to individually stick his tiny baby fingers into everybody's relationships, but his supporters just might. The far right feel victimized by the left thanks to the media and you, as a woman, are probably way too into Hillary and won't shut-up about it. Stay off of social media as to not injure the fragile egos of the far right online. This could lead to more quality time with the guy you kinda like. 


3 Ways to Show Her Love & Not Feel Like a Lil' Bitch

Ways to Please Your Woman While Still Feeling Like a Man

“You don’t make enough of an effort,” she says. “I don’t feel like you care,” she says. Are you tired of being hot, skilled in bed, and avoiding saying dumb shit as soon as it comes to you head and STILL getting treated like you aren’t trying?

It can be hard to maintain your masculinity while still maintaining a relationship. We all know the important part is the former, so how can you keep it? The Broad Boxxx took a look at men and women and determined that are three simple ways to still feel like a man and give your girl some love and attention.


1)      Buy That Bitch a Candle

There aren’t many gifts a guy can buy for a woman that don’t make him look like a little bitch. Even if you take the time to do a little research and find out what she’s into, it’ll still feel icky to go buy bubble bath and purses and flowers. You look whipped as hell in front of the whole store. You know what ecerybody gets? Candles. Now you just look like you’re going to have a bathroom that doesn’t smell like shit for once. Give it to ya girl and she’ll feel super special.

2)      Massage her… With Your Dick

“Hey, baby, want a massage”?

Those are the magic words. After about a minute and a half of the most effort you’ve ever put into a relationship, you can just whip your already hard dick out and press it into her like the sexy cave person you are. Bonus points if you put her hand on your dick without asking and assume it’ll go down.

3)      Text Back

Don’t be a little bitch about it. It can be a great way to let your emotionally neglected girlfriend know that, even if you are with another girl, that you haven’t forgotten about her. Something easy like, “What are you up to,” would normally go unanswered for a couple of days. A quick, “Nothing u?” can make all the difference.


Remember, once you make that girl’s feelings partially your responsibility, you fucked up. As women, we take the first sign of affection and create a whole relationship in our head that you never promised and can never ever provide.

So, keep it simple. Retain your manhood and be sure that you put your own value as a man first. Taking simple, low-risk, minimal-effort steps can help reduce your accountability in a relationship.

The Perks of the Pussy Grab

In light of recent media attention, Broad Boxxx decided to take a stand on the pussy grabbing controversy in the only way we know how – Acceptance.

Keep in mind, these aren’t designed to offend anybody. When there’s a man in a position of social and economic power, he is entitled to certain behaviors. This what makes people work towards those positions. It is part of their reward for the efforts they’ve invested.

Men do not pursue celebrity or nobility for the sake of the two. They pursue it for that pussy. In their defense, they’ve earned it. They knew they were earning it when they made the sacrifices that got them there.

Here are some reasons that pussy grabbing isn’t just an obligation. It’s the way things should and will always be. Here are some ways women can benefit from the behavior of har working, powerful, and popular men.


1)      Attention

There’s nothing women crave more than the attention of a man. When a definite and direct action is made toward the vagina (normally a place for dicks only) there is an immediate feeling that that woman is worth it. Making women feel beautiful is important. Give them what they want: Attention from men in a position of power.

2)      Sexual Stimulation

Vaginas experience stimulation all over. Without any introductory arousal, a vagina will experience pleasure from taps, grabs, and pokes at random. In literally any place in between the legs, it feels good to get bumped around. A grab at a pussy is a nice way to throw a horny girl a bone without having to unbuckle those pants.

If you like a girl and know she likes you (married or otherwise) you can show her you care for her pleasure by giving her whole crotch a good grab. Don’t wait for an invitation. Especially if you’re a celebrity.  

3)       Locker Room Material

Ever in the locker room and think to yourself, “Man, I wish I had more to talk about in here.” Sexual assault is a great way to make yourself feel like part of the group. The best part is: You don’t even have to commit the sexual assault. You just have to threaten to! If you’re okay with threatening it, you probably will- But you don’t have to!


People will always use the media to try take people in power down a notch. They get jealous and offended at the drop of the hat. Using their opinion of remarks and the things those remarks insinuate is classic sheep-like behavior.

We all know how society works and there a reason that it does. People that take what they want get what they want and there is no better way for things to be. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this way for so long.

Broaden your boxes, babes. 

Local Man Redeems Abusive Messages w/ Other Good Qualities

Meet Conner. He is quite the catch. He pays his bills, does his own laundry, and comes from a smoke free / pet free home. Last year, Conner went viral. Screenshots were taken of his dating app messages to a woman and were shared around and around by people who were infuriated.

He was pictured as saying things like, “You might be getting the wrong kind of attention with that photo,” and “Fine, dnt respond u cunt.” The angry outbursts were used as an example of what women go through online. Conner, however, insists that he is not one of those guys.

“First of all, she was kind of fat from the start. So it wasn’t like I was heartbroken,” he explains.

While he may have been a little rude, he admits, the sentiment was a natural and justified one. Conner is not one of those desperate guys that is begging for attention and thinks he is entitled to women’s bodies and attention. Well, he is, but with him it’s different. Due to his Personality Resume.

The point that Conner makes here is a valid one. He hopes to share the concept of thee personality resume with those that may have trouble understanding his own behavior and the behavior of others.

Conner is a young professional in the city of Chicago. He’s an engineer and is still on his parents’ cell phone bill out of convenience. Conner went on a grand trip to Europe with a college class and, shortly after, made his own trip to China with his dad. Since then, he has taken many trips to Colorado to go hiking and stay with his sister.

These expeditions make Conner a worldly person. They enhance what he calls his Personality Resume. A list of accomplishments and qualities that present a person as valuable.

“I have collected a lot of things from places that I’ve been. They’re all over my apartment. It makes me more interesting.”

So, why are we so interested in Conner? What do his many well-rounded accomplishments mean to The Broad Boxxx? The strategy of the Personality Resume helps women and men alike determine how much they can get away with socially based on the effort they’ve put into it.

For example, Conner is very worldly and well-traveled. He comes from a good, wealthy family and goes Dutch on the first few dates because he is a self-proclaimed feminist. He works out every day, takes an elevator to his apartment instead of basic ass stairs, and wears shirts with collars because it’s classy and Bermuda shorts because he’s fly.

These things add up to a valuable person by many standards and make Conner more comfortable being what some might call a jerk. His willingness to be a jerk isn’t the only step in this previously unspoken rule of the dating world. The ability for these new, desperate, and entitled women to accept that this is the way life has always been is a key part of the process.

 “I make a lot of sacrifices to be a catch,” Conner insists. “I’m not going to add being nice to women to that list of sacrifices because I already do enough. Some guys are nice to women but don’t have a cool apartment. They have to be nice because they have nothing else.”

We can all take a page from Conner’s book. The Personality Resume is a great way to judge a person’s obligation to treat people (especially lesser, more fragile people like women) with respect. Without the instant ability to share and shame those that are sexist, racist, and generally abusive, we wouldn’t have the knowledge that it’s sometime okay to do.

Preventative Money Saving For Millennials

We live in a complicated financial world. Living and working on your own after being financially supported is not an easy transition. Just look at this article where they lovingly blame this generation for not being able to repair the housing market because of their inability to earn an income. The charts and what I assume are targeted ads show how impossible it is to get this generation to fix the last generation’s mistakes.  

The cultural expectation is that young adults will graduate high school, live in a dorm, get that piece of magic job paper, and start a family. DUH! Just do that! The housing crises cannot recover until you do.

Unfortunately, the kids aren’t doing that. They’re staying at home because “expenses” and “excuses”. Here’s how fucked up the world is. Take a look at this:


We’re at a record high for kids that are still living at home! Except before 1960ish, when it was more socially acceptable.

You might be one of those kids. You’re trapped between a child hood you didn’t ask for and an adult world that expects you to be at your peak productivity immediately and all the time. Otherwise, you won’t be worth the space you take up.

So, here are some tips to ease the plight of the young, hot, entitled lifestyle to which you subscribe. How can you save and make money like this? Easy!

1) Get a Fucking Degree

The Human Resources lady won’t even look at that resume if she doesn’t see a degree on that thing. Maybe if you have enough experience in your field (like if your 47 and have been working in your field that whole time without a piece of paper hanging around your neck) then she’ll look beyond it.

This article is not for that 47-year-old.

This is for the kid that couldn’t get off their ass, get a scholarship, and do four years of time consuming and emotionally demanding college courses just like everybody else. Idiot.

Oh, you can’t afford school? Where are your parents? Dead, in poverty, or abusive? C’mon. Excuses!

Work your way through school.

We have all heard from silly little content articles that you simply cannot work your way through college anymore. The amount people are getting paid for entry level work simply does not permit that option. Student loans and grants are the primary option. This leaves students, even hard working ones, susceptible to a lifetime of debt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who writes those articles? Millennials!

That’s what those lazy fucks want you to think.


2) Educate Yourself on Mental Health (6 Years Ago)

Having panic attacks? Mood swings that are out of your control? Do you constantly self-medicate with alcohol by drinking every week end or smoking weed every night?


So what’s best way to make sure you stay in school, hold a good job, never break down, and stop buying illegal drugs or ten dollar cocktails?

Educate yourself on mental health. Know the signs of a mood disorder and be able to recognize them in yourself and your friends. Have health insurance and enough money for that copay. You need somebody to talk to and might want to see if medication is an option.

Depression may keep you in bed all day. You may feel overwhelmed by all that’s expected of you by parents, friends, and even yourself.

Do all of this before college. Hell! You might want to start in high school. This is a time when bullying, college applications, hormonal changes, and very important test make life hard to handle. Your coping skills are not at their best, but your stress is at its peak.

You will miss important opportunities by acting out or disengaging.

If you did a shit job on those tests, got too overwhelmed to do all that homework, or didn’t know that professional psychiatric help was an option then maybe you deserve the shitty future you’re forced into by the child version of you’s choices. You should have been more capable in those fragile developmental years.

Ugh! Complain, whine, and cry! If you want to claim that you’re not emotionally well equipped enough to keep up with the rest of world, you should have thought about that six years ago.


3) Get Into Politics

Older people will admit to the mistakes their generation made. They will also advise us to fix it.

That’s not that tall of an order.

Politics can be a way to resolve systematic targeting of those already in poverty and the stigma surrounding mental health. The rich get richer and influence the government while we barely eat every day. Student loans and health care are privatized because deregulation is God and regulating them by government standards would ruin all the money companies are making at the expense of the poor and dying.

How do you, a poor victim of the God of deregulation, stop this cycle?

In a society obsessed with productivity that’s feeding the children of the capitalist elite, there is pressure on the everyday person to prioritize their career and work hard every day. It doesn’t matter how stressful or pointless it may be in the grand scheme of things. That’s the expectation.

If you’re not happy with the way things are as a whole, you can get into politics and run for office. Vote, write letters, make some real change. You’re struggling in community college? Maybe law school is the answer!

Sitting around isn’t going to change anything. Neither is sharing your shitty meme about Bernie or Hillary. Real change comes from playing a game you ever agreed to play by rules that the bullies made up and keep changing so they can win.

Those are the best ways to make sure you don’t waste your twenties! Preventative money saving is always a good way to rock your life style by completely uprooting it and changing everything about yourself.

Oh, yeah, and stop drinking Starbucks every morning. Cook at home more and take the bus instead of driving.

Good luck, kids!


Sarcasm. Ever Heard of It?

Taylor was just a girl at a bar having a good time. She’s 23 and got legs for days. This regular old girl in a bar quickly realized that no matter how hot she looked, there may be no hope for her when she was approached Chad Hiller, a frequent attendee of Glu Night Club.

“Is that bottle blonde to piss your ex off or to trick people into thinking you’re more fun?” said Chance in reference to her hair color.

His broad smile fit his face perfectly and was known to get girls sopping wet on site. Taylor wasn’t having it. She immediately walked away to another table without engaging. She reacted as if this flirty first line was an insult. Big mistake.

Why did she get so upset about such a small joke? Chad was determined to find out.

By following Taylor to her next table, he was able to see that her ass was perfect. This made it even more important to him to seal the deal by bringing her home. He even admitted later that he’d settle for getting her number at this point.

“What’s the matter, angel? It’s joke,” Chad immediately explained.

He went on for about 20 minutes about the way he uses jokes to communicate. Taylor learned a lot about how to be grateful for male attention and how to take a compliment. She was also introduced to a special type of humor that she obviously was not familiar with: Sarcasm.

This sign of intelligence is a great way to break the ice or make people laugh. Men often use this tool to show off to women not only how smart they are but exhibits the ability to be endlessly funny.

Taylor, unfortunately, never got the message that night. But there’s still hope for you and me. All of us can learn from this experience that tragically ended in both Taylor and Chad going home alone that night when they easily could have just scored with one another.

He’s just being funny! Every girl says they want a funny guy but tend to get too sensitive when a real funny guy entered the picture. You don’t want funny, then, do you? You just want to laugh and not be even a little insulted. Isn’t that asking a little too much?

Real humor always cuts people down. That’s what makes it funny. Sarcasm is a great way to do that. Just say something you don’t mean or flat-out mock what other people are saying. Being able to match the sarcastic cynicism of a man is the ultimate way to let him know you’re interested and maybe make him thank that you're also smart and funny. 

Unlike most women, men are complex when they flirt. There are better ways to make him like you than to pretend he isn’t funny to you. While you may think you’re being hot by giving him a little rejection, it’s actually kind of annoying. We even recommend laughing more than you might feel like laughing. 

Not laughing when a guy is making joke or even laughing quietly can hurt a man’s ego. Once you’ve tarnished the male ego, there’s no going back. Educating yourself about what sarcasm looks and sounds like can prevent this from happen.

So, get a little crazy with it. Laugh hard and often to let him know you’re interested. You may even make him think that you’re smart. Keeping this in mind at the bar, or anywhere men are, might just get you lucky. 

An Open Letter to Women That Won’t Let Me Touch Them

As an introduction to this piece, I’d like to say that I was on the other end of this letter. I am Broad Boxxx contributor and very good at being woman. When I was touch by a man as he examined my tattoo, I was not happy.

I pulled away, shouted, and even made a big deal to all of the people around me. I thought it was the most feminist thing to do. The person who did this to me was embarrassed and angry. Eventually, he tracked down my e-mail through some people at the bar and sent me this.

I want to let readers know I now understand that I was wrong. I apologize to Travis and anybody else who has ever let their defensiveness and insecurity get the best of them in public.


An Open Letter to Women That Won’t Let Me Touch Them

                I’m cultured, okay? I’ve been to Europe. I’m a touchy guy. A kiss on the cheek is nothing compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen men to do women over there. Lighten up a little bit. Don’t be so American.

                I love when women say that me touching them is threatening! And by love, I mean hate. It’s called sarcasm. Read a book. There is nothing less threatening than human touch. It’s how we as a society connect.

                Celebrating a woman’s body is a compliment and, frankly, the most feminist thing you can do. Grabbing your arm to see that tattoo is friendly. Your tattoos are probably shitty and basic anyways. There are actual rapists for you to worry about and I’m not one of them.

                You want to feel loved and respected by won’t allow me the same behavior I use on my friends. I treat guys like that, too. You want to be equal so bad then let me just see your tattoo. And yes, this is about a particular incident that got me worked up. But there have been others.

                Like if you’re at the bar and I put my arm around your waist to introduce myself. That’s cute. Don’t act like it isn’t. When a man is giving you a compliment and trying to sleep with you, it isn’t the time to make it all about how independent you are. This about seeing if you have the right body for me to take home.

                I have also touch hair, danced with women that weren’t dancing, and held a woman by the arm while we had a pleasant conversation about my career at a bar. All of these instances, I took those women home and slept with them. They let life happen and they were rewarded for it.

                Just lighten the hell up. If somebody touches you and they aren’t immediately threatening you, don’t flatter yourself. Be an adult. Let life happen. You’re never going to find love by being a stuffy feminazi 24/7. 

Male Feminist... Or Internet Hero?

                Roger Harrison is a vocal male feminist online and is also a proud pony tail wearer. His long Facebook rants on how women should be treated include raving sex positivity are unmatched in his friend group. Recently, his wolf t-shirt was caught in a bunch as he had to justify an article about human nature that he had assumed was purely anthropological.

                For legal reasons, we cannot site the specific article (it also contains too many ads and viruses). We can summarize the entirety of this perfectly legitimate article as follows:


                Humans are naturally non-monogamous and anybody who says otherwise is just a cog in the oppressive social machine.

               The trouble came when happily married 30-somethings began to dispute the claim. Even polyamorous communities confidently believe that monogamy is just as valid an orientation as any of the others. We at Broad Boxxx see right through that “logic”.

              Roger, like most “good guys” of his generation, has been cheated on multiple times. In fact, every girl he’s ever been with has been disloyal. Following the first few heart breaks, the once hopeless romantic realized that he, too, had these desires. Roger became a cheater.

                “I really like the idea of being able to sleep with whomever I want. I’m a feminist; I just want to please women and make them feel good.”

                Roger hasn’t always seen things this way. After a bit of digging, Broad Boxxx was able to track down an ex-girlfriend from college that could enlighten us on this transition.


           Jenna (whose last name we were asked to omit) says, “Roger grew a pony tail and then started gaslighting the shit out of me. He showed my nudes that I sent him to his friends and said it was because my body was art. The year before that, he was not into feminism at all. That guy’s a creep now.”

            The girl goes on to describe that shortly after the nudes incident, Roger enrolled in a women’s studies class and she never heard from him again. Facebook posts indicated that he was undergoing a shift into a feminist and socialist outlook rather rapidly. His vocal stance online was primarily in the comments section of girls’ statuses.

             Broad Boxxx has always been a huge advocate for feminist men. They are, after all, the most oppressed of the feminists. It is important to remember that women come by feminism naturally and so area allowed to be publicly shamed for their mistakes. Men, however, are making an effort to understand. Hey, at least he’s trying, ladies. Cut them some slack, look over the rough edges, and let them cheat. They’re doing their best. 

The Facts : Women Love Attention

                It makes a woman feel sexy to be noticed and commented on. While some feminazis will insist that any unsolicited attention isn’t what women dress up and look nice for, practical men and real women know the truth: Women live for it.


Harassment is a strong word, but a little step in that direction can go a long way. If a man is attractive or using the right words, girls can really open up and feel beautiful. It could even lead to a date!


                The cat call is an unsolicited compliment from a distance. This standard move is a quick and easy way to send a short burst of attention to a woman who has obviously put effort into her appearance. This simple token of affection can go a long way toward making a woman feel good about themselves.


                Keep in mind, the divisive opinions about cat calling come from women that enjoy the attention. The girls that would rather "go unnoticed" are playing an elaborate game of pretend. The act females play is a heavily tested and traditional tactic to seem unavailable and “too good for you”. Part of the game that we’ve been playing since the beginning of time.


                She’s walking through the street, with her pants too tight and a nice work shirt. You give her whistle- she rolls her eyes. That’s how the game starts. She is making herself seem aloof and uninterested. Validating her appearance will be a little harder, but we all know how much women love compliments. Though we don’t recommend following her for too long a time, giving her a little trot might be just what she needs.


                In addition to the things that keep women happy and satisfied in the street, standard flirting and communication can be just what woman needs at the bar or in a friendly setting. While men might feel uncomfortable commenting on a friend’s body or sexual availability, it is important to remember that this is expected. If men weren’t giving them that attention, women would change their tune pretty quickly about not wanting to objectified.


                The main take away is that there is nothing a woman loves more than attention and borderline harassment from men as long as the man is attractive or skilled. Judging your attractiveness to a woman can be as simple as cat calling or crossing the lines of your friendship and seeing how she responds.


Don’t worry about the fear of rejection. Even if she isn’t attracted to you, she still loves the attention. You do yourself a favor by exercising your freedom of expression and she gets to feel wanted. Giving women unsolicited attention is always a win/win!

The Problem with Safe Spaces


                Club Monroe made big news this week when it released a public announcement that it was now considered a “safe space” for all gender identities and orientations. After months of reports that strait men were prowling for lesbians at the popular dance club, further investigation revealed that there were groups of men that would wait outside of the back door of the club and physically assault transgender and cross dressing patrons.


                The news that the “safe space” would be strictly enforced by security guards was met with friction from men that are rightfully entitled to have their own way and say what they want to say. Arguing freedom of speech, these people insist that expressing their pinion is not a crime.


The problem with safe spaces is that they’re highly exclusionary. If we really want to create an environment in which we can all be comfortable, we can’t just make space where the normally “oppressed” parties feel comfortable. Where does that leave the rest of us?


                Freedom of expression is a pillar of American socialization. Anybody should be able to say whatever they want. If it offends somebody, perhaps the subject would be better off being less sensitive. Safe spaces keep otherwise normally evolving people from ever developing a sense of humor about the things and people that oppress them.


                Safe spaces support a newly wide spread idea the cis white males are somehow offending sensitive queers left and right. There is a war on straight white males right now that can’t be ignored. They can’t even go into a gay club and dance.


Comedians, actors, and public figures are being chastised on the internet by faminazis, queers, and foreigners for saying things that may perceived as ignorant or insensitive. This leave those that experience the lash outs to wonder: Who ever said we had to cater to the sensitive?


The effect that safe spaces have on the public is still up to debate. Each perspective has such strong opinions, that it’s very obvious that the minorities have no chance. The voices that are shouting, “Stop the assaults,” are the same voices that are so easily quieted by violence and money. How sincere could they really be?



How Sex-Positive Women Ruin Dating

                Linda Jones is a popular local artist in town. Her sex positive water color paintings are enchantingly beautiful and tastefully sexy. Linda, like most artists that need to get by, also has a job at Randy’s, a dive bar deep in the city. This is the setting for the scene that sparked the story.


                Jones was getting off of work on February 2nd at 8 pm. During the shift change, a day-drunk Peter Castro stopped her in her tracks to compliment her on her paintings.


                “I had been serving him all day… I really feel like it’s my fault things went south,” admits Jones.


                Castro proceeded to tell the artist that he was elated to finally meet a girl that liked sex. He went on to describe in great detail how conservative girls seem to be even though they dress provocatively, and how difficult it is for a great guy like him who doesn’t want “just sex” to get laid in this town.


                “I kept offering her a ride home,” Peter recalls. “She’s really hot and I knew she was down to fuck because of her paintings.”


                When Linda Jones declined all advances, the potential suitor was furious. The situation could have been handled in a much last dramatic way, but Linda would not even consider going home with Castro or giving him her number.


Why Are Feminists So Fat?

               The feminist agenda is one of manipulation and control. The seemingly sweet sentiment of “equality” is masking an underground network of desperate control freaks. While this isn’t unknown, there are plenty of fake motives that mask this reality.


                One question keeps coming to mind for those of us that are not buying the whole “feminism” thing: Why are they so fat? This question has the same answer as a lot of other questions we ask about feminazis. Why are they so angry? Why don’t they listen? Why do they get so defensive?


                It comes does to one core quality that being fat causes: Lack of positive male attention. That’s a fancy way of saying that they don’t get laid. It looks like, to a fat girl, all the men are against them. To be honest, they just don’t want to talk to you!


                Not getting free drinks at the bar and that tinder match not texting you back aren’t a sign that gender equality is out of control. It’s a sign that men don’t have patience for your selfish and skewed opinion.


                 There’s no such thing as “rape culture”, honey. Nobody wants to rape you. These hot chicks are getting laid and regretting it, sure. They’re getting hit on and they love it. Don’t make men stop giving hot girls attention just because you’re not getting any. That isn’t fair to the ladies or the men.


                 Feminist propaganda says that there actually isn’t a difference. Women of all shapes and sizes are feminists and men are just picking out superficial things to make fun of rather than make the argument about the issues feminists try to bring up.

                These idiotic arguments are because feminists, as a rule, are dumb.

                 It’s obvious that there are more fat feminazis than skinny ones. End of story. You think that skinny women speak out but men ignore it and look past it because they value a standard of beauty that have been taught since a young age? You’re crazy!


                 Women that don’t get laid are trying to get attention any way they can. It’s obvious to those that are aware, but women would never admit it. Trying to grasp at any tatter of male attention they can’t get is obvious.


                 Fat chicks have always been judgmental and picky about how men treat them. They often ignore that anybody that even offers to date them is doing them a favor. Fat girls have a sense of entitlement that they don’t deserve.


                 The Broad Boxxx take away isn’t about feminism. It’s about entitlement. If women want to be listened to, they have to look a certain way. It’s obvious. Hot women are the majority and the most respected. So earn respect the way you know you need to: Losing weight.

Once you lose that weight, maybe you’ll start to realize that women don’t have it so bad.

He Takes Her Hat... And What Happens Next! You'll Be Shocked!

                Taking a woman’s personal item is not only an assertion of dominance, it also helps a man become intimately entwined with a woman that would otherwise be a total stranger. Bridging this gap between somebody that you would not normally be comfortable with to somebody that you trust enough to expose your genitals to is not an easy task. Allowing men to assert themselves in this way without arguing keeps you from seeming difficult of fussy.


                Men that have attempted this practice have mixed results due to lack of female cooperation. The sad fact is: Most women don’t know the men are flirting. Doing your part to educate yourself in this area will preserve the male ego and make you an all-around more desirable person.


                Still confused about what this whole “Taking Stuff” courting practice? Here’s a real life eye-witness account from Brandi, a long-time Broad Boxxx Contributor.  

I was wearing a green straw fedora because I’d been feeling beachy that day. After a few moments of casual conversation about all of his trips to the Bahamas, he asked to see my hat. At first, I was hesitant. This was a part of my well planned outfit, my property, and I was uncomfortable just handing it to this strange guy. I’m so glad I did. He said it smelled funny and proceeded to call my sense of style, “Hipster meets bum on the corner,” but by the end of it, I’d won his heart and he totally took me home.

                Although Brandi hasn’t heard from him, she is certain their connection was strong enough to justify sleeping with him the night they met- Something the conservative bank teller would normally never do.


                Slick, the notorious bartender, explains that the cute trick is one of many tactics that disarms women that would otherwise not be as interested. “I use that stuff-taking thing to get chicks to go home with me. It works every time.”



                The main Broad Boxxx take away is that when a gentleman is hitting on you, it may seem invasive or inappropriate at first. It is very important to let the man take charge of the conversation and stuff. You might just be surprised by how validating he can be after he’s charmed his way into your personal space. 

Libertarian Facebook Post Finally Defines Patriarchy


                After much deliberation in his dimly lit bedroom, Ryan Thomas was finally able to explain “The Patriarchy” to those who would listen on his Libertarian Facebook page. This page is valuable resource for popular opinion, hailed as "Politically Dank" by more than a few of the members,


                Thomas has been administrating the Facebook page for a few years now. He reports that many more women have been liking and interacting on the page. Unlike the freedom based conversations of a simpler time, the conversations quickly took turns toward women’s perspectives on politics. Political correctness and taking others into consideration was running wild in the post comments, making it difficult for the boys to speak freely. 


                “It started after the Occupy movement,” Ryan Thomas recalls. “There were all of these chicks saying our memes are sexist. It was making the male members really uncomfortable.”


                The dutiful admin quickly got to work trying to make memes more offensive to charge the women out of the group. The task only made matters worse when the girls began complaining that treating their gender unfairly was an attempt to repress their ability to express their political opinion.


                This, Thomas insists, is when the patriarchy discussions began. It was time for an expert in Libertarian politics and gender equality to set the record straight about what the patriarchy was and how people interacted with it. The following is the first year college student’s bold take.


                Men did not create The Patriarchy to keep women down. Women created the patriarchy as an excuse to be submissive. Women don’t like to be in charge, it’s too much pressure. I know girls are whiny but they like stuff the way it is. They get to say no to guys that are nice to them to pursue good looking guys. That’s a privilege they get just like men get to have more money. It’s a fair and balanced system. The Patriarchy doesn’t even exist. If girls want to seem more smart, they’d admit that. Maybe them politics would take them seriously.

                The post received a lot of feminist backlash. Though there are only 36 women in the group of 1,567 members, the ladies were quickly jumping on all sides of the problem. While some chose to agree that feminists (often referred to as Feminazis) have created The Patriarchy in their mind, others were defiantly pointing out the flaws in the post. This left a perfect gap where the boys could call women too catty and competitive to contribute to political discussion.


                One female member, Linda Hernandez, spoke out when reached for comment. “This Facebook page is a bunch of dudes jerking each other off. They have no right to pretend they know what the patriarchy is.”


                The main take away for Broad Boxxx is illustrated well in the thread. When women are assertive about things that they think men have control over, men have every right to criticize and even correct the female view. As Thomas put it: “If you think men are oppressing you so much, maybe go on a date with an actual nice guy like me instead of the oppressive douche bags that you all date.”


Woman Finally Proves Herself as "Not Just Another Girl"


Avid video game player and long-time male Dennis French was surprised when an unknown female that he’d taken home from a party was able to beat him at Call of Duty Saturday morning at around 4 a.m. Dennis was quick to assume that Salina was just another girl with no real value and, presumably, much less intelligent and interesting than himself.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                “I was trying to piss her off so she’d leave after we had sex,” French recounted. “Then she really kicked my ass and I was like, ‘Whoa, this isn’t just some slut'.”


                Dennis had often brought a rando home from his friend Ted’s classic house parties, but this was the first one that he’d let spend the night. Normally a quickie followed by video games is satisfactory to get the girl out of the furniture scarce one-bedroom apartment. After proving herself as a human being with skills that Dennis respected, he was intrigued enough to let her stay the night.


                When reached for comment, Salina said, “Yeah, he’s a douche bag. I’m almost ticked off to hear he had a good time.”


                Salina is known to go home douche bags at Tom’s parties due to heavy drinking and reduced decision making ability. She is especially receptive to the practice of negging (when a romantically interested party insults a person in order to reduce the self-esteem to the victim) when she is drunk. This particular night was not different, according to Salina.


                “He offered to go get me a drink and came back with a vodka soda when I was clearly drinking beer.” She goes on to explain, “He told me it would help me slim down to drink more body-consciously.”


                Although Dennis does not recall saying this to Salina, he does admit that she was “a little chubby for his taste” and stands by his decision to take her home because he was too drunk to care about her muffin-top at the time.


                “It actually ended up surprising me,” Dennis admits. “I guess fat girls have more time to get good at video games because they don’t get laid as often.”


                The main take away for both parties was the astounding difference that video game skill makes in modern dating. Women are asked to prove themselves in a lot of very easy ways, much like Salina was able to on the night of the party. Simple hair, make-up, and expensive clothing aren’t enough anymore. Dating is challenging us women to have skills that actually matter to men so you don’t get written off as Just Another Girl.