3 Ways to Show Her Love & Not Feel Like a Lil' Bitch

Ways to Please Your Woman While Still Feeling Like a Man

“You don’t make enough of an effort,” she says. “I don’t feel like you care,” she says. Are you tired of being hot, skilled in bed, and avoiding saying dumb shit as soon as it comes to you head and STILL getting treated like you aren’t trying?

It can be hard to maintain your masculinity while still maintaining a relationship. We all know the important part is the former, so how can you keep it? The Broad Boxxx took a look at men and women and determined that are three simple ways to still feel like a man and give your girl some love and attention.


1)      Buy That Bitch a Candle

There aren’t many gifts a guy can buy for a woman that don’t make him look like a little bitch. Even if you take the time to do a little research and find out what she’s into, it’ll still feel icky to go buy bubble bath and purses and flowers. You look whipped as hell in front of the whole store. You know what ecerybody gets? Candles. Now you just look like you’re going to have a bathroom that doesn’t smell like shit for once. Give it to ya girl and she’ll feel super special.

2)      Massage her… With Your Dick

“Hey, baby, want a massage”?

Those are the magic words. After about a minute and a half of the most effort you’ve ever put into a relationship, you can just whip your already hard dick out and press it into her like the sexy cave person you are. Bonus points if you put her hand on your dick without asking and assume it’ll go down.

3)      Text Back

Don’t be a little bitch about it. It can be a great way to let your emotionally neglected girlfriend know that, even if you are with another girl, that you haven’t forgotten about her. Something easy like, “What are you up to,” would normally go unanswered for a couple of days. A quick, “Nothing u?” can make all the difference.


Remember, once you make that girl’s feelings partially your responsibility, you fucked up. As women, we take the first sign of affection and create a whole relationship in our head that you never promised and can never ever provide.

So, keep it simple. Retain your manhood and be sure that you put your own value as a man first. Taking simple, low-risk, minimal-effort steps can help reduce your accountability in a relationship.