Local Man Redeems Abusive Messages w/ Other Good Qualities

Meet Conner. He is quite the catch. He pays his bills, does his own laundry, and comes from a smoke free / pet free home. Last year, Conner went viral. Screenshots were taken of his dating app messages to a woman and were shared around and around by people who were infuriated.

He was pictured as saying things like, “You might be getting the wrong kind of attention with that photo,” and “Fine, dnt respond u cunt.” The angry outbursts were used as an example of what women go through online. Conner, however, insists that he is not one of those guys.

“First of all, she was kind of fat from the start. So it wasn’t like I was heartbroken,” he explains.

While he may have been a little rude, he admits, the sentiment was a natural and justified one. Conner is not one of those desperate guys that is begging for attention and thinks he is entitled to women’s bodies and attention. Well, he is, but with him it’s different. Due to his Personality Resume.

The point that Conner makes here is a valid one. He hopes to share the concept of thee personality resume with those that may have trouble understanding his own behavior and the behavior of others.

Conner is a young professional in the city of Chicago. He’s an engineer and is still on his parents’ cell phone bill out of convenience. Conner went on a grand trip to Europe with a college class and, shortly after, made his own trip to China with his dad. Since then, he has taken many trips to Colorado to go hiking and stay with his sister.

These expeditions make Conner a worldly person. They enhance what he calls his Personality Resume. A list of accomplishments and qualities that present a person as valuable.

“I have collected a lot of things from places that I’ve been. They’re all over my apartment. It makes me more interesting.”

So, why are we so interested in Conner? What do his many well-rounded accomplishments mean to The Broad Boxxx? The strategy of the Personality Resume helps women and men alike determine how much they can get away with socially based on the effort they’ve put into it.

For example, Conner is very worldly and well-traveled. He comes from a good, wealthy family and goes Dutch on the first few dates because he is a self-proclaimed feminist. He works out every day, takes an elevator to his apartment instead of basic ass stairs, and wears shirts with collars because it’s classy and Bermuda shorts because he’s fly.

These things add up to a valuable person by many standards and make Conner more comfortable being what some might call a jerk. His willingness to be a jerk isn’t the only step in this previously unspoken rule of the dating world. The ability for these new, desperate, and entitled women to accept that this is the way life has always been is a key part of the process.

 “I make a lot of sacrifices to be a catch,” Conner insists. “I’m not going to add being nice to women to that list of sacrifices because I already do enough. Some guys are nice to women but don’t have a cool apartment. They have to be nice because they have nothing else.”

We can all take a page from Conner’s book. The Personality Resume is a great way to judge a person’s obligation to treat people (especially lesser, more fragile people like women) with respect. Without the instant ability to share and shame those that are sexist, racist, and generally abusive, we wouldn’t have the knowledge that it’s sometime okay to do.