He Takes Her Hat... And What Happens Next! You'll Be Shocked!

                Taking a woman’s personal item is not only an assertion of dominance, it also helps a man become intimately entwined with a woman that would otherwise be a total stranger. Bridging this gap between somebody that you would not normally be comfortable with to somebody that you trust enough to expose your genitals to is not an easy task. Allowing men to assert themselves in this way without arguing keeps you from seeming difficult of fussy.


                Men that have attempted this practice have mixed results due to lack of female cooperation. The sad fact is: Most women don’t know the men are flirting. Doing your part to educate yourself in this area will preserve the male ego and make you an all-around more desirable person.


                Still confused about what this whole “Taking Stuff” courting practice? Here’s a real life eye-witness account from Brandi, a long-time Broad Boxxx Contributor.  

I was wearing a green straw fedora because I’d been feeling beachy that day. After a few moments of casual conversation about all of his trips to the Bahamas, he asked to see my hat. At first, I was hesitant. This was a part of my well planned outfit, my property, and I was uncomfortable just handing it to this strange guy. I’m so glad I did. He said it smelled funny and proceeded to call my sense of style, “Hipster meets bum on the corner,” but by the end of it, I’d won his heart and he totally took me home.

                Although Brandi hasn’t heard from him, she is certain their connection was strong enough to justify sleeping with him the night they met- Something the conservative bank teller would normally never do.


                Slick, the notorious bartender, explains that the cute trick is one of many tactics that disarms women that would otherwise not be as interested. “I use that stuff-taking thing to get chicks to go home with me. It works every time.”



                The main Broad Boxxx take away is that when a gentleman is hitting on you, it may seem invasive or inappropriate at first. It is very important to let the man take charge of the conversation and stuff. You might just be surprised by how validating he can be after he’s charmed his way into your personal space.