Male Feminist... Or Internet Hero?

                Roger Harrison is a vocal male feminist online and is also a proud pony tail wearer. His long Facebook rants on how women should be treated include raving sex positivity are unmatched in his friend group. Recently, his wolf t-shirt was caught in a bunch as he had to justify an article about human nature that he had assumed was purely anthropological.

                For legal reasons, we cannot site the specific article (it also contains too many ads and viruses). We can summarize the entirety of this perfectly legitimate article as follows:


                Humans are naturally non-monogamous and anybody who says otherwise is just a cog in the oppressive social machine.

               The trouble came when happily married 30-somethings began to dispute the claim. Even polyamorous communities confidently believe that monogamy is just as valid an orientation as any of the others. We at Broad Boxxx see right through that “logic”.

              Roger, like most “good guys” of his generation, has been cheated on multiple times. In fact, every girl he’s ever been with has been disloyal. Following the first few heart breaks, the once hopeless romantic realized that he, too, had these desires. Roger became a cheater.

                “I really like the idea of being able to sleep with whomever I want. I’m a feminist; I just want to please women and make them feel good.”

                Roger hasn’t always seen things this way. After a bit of digging, Broad Boxxx was able to track down an ex-girlfriend from college that could enlighten us on this transition.


           Jenna (whose last name we were asked to omit) says, “Roger grew a pony tail and then started gaslighting the shit out of me. He showed my nudes that I sent him to his friends and said it was because my body was art. The year before that, he was not into feminism at all. That guy’s a creep now.”

            The girl goes on to describe that shortly after the nudes incident, Roger enrolled in a women’s studies class and she never heard from him again. Facebook posts indicated that he was undergoing a shift into a feminist and socialist outlook rather rapidly. His vocal stance online was primarily in the comments section of girls’ statuses.

             Broad Boxxx has always been a huge advocate for feminist men. They are, after all, the most oppressed of the feminists. It is important to remember that women come by feminism naturally and so area allowed to be publicly shamed for their mistakes. Men, however, are making an effort to understand. Hey, at least he’s trying, ladies. Cut them some slack, look over the rough edges, and let them cheat. They’re doing their best.