Why Are Feminists So Fat?

               The feminist agenda is one of manipulation and control. The seemingly sweet sentiment of “equality” is masking an underground network of desperate control freaks. While this isn’t unknown, there are plenty of fake motives that mask this reality.


                One question keeps coming to mind for those of us that are not buying the whole “feminism” thing: Why are they so fat? This question has the same answer as a lot of other questions we ask about feminazis. Why are they so angry? Why don’t they listen? Why do they get so defensive?


                It comes does to one core quality that being fat causes: Lack of positive male attention. That’s a fancy way of saying that they don’t get laid. It looks like, to a fat girl, all the men are against them. To be honest, they just don’t want to talk to you!


                Not getting free drinks at the bar and that tinder match not texting you back aren’t a sign that gender equality is out of control. It’s a sign that men don’t have patience for your selfish and skewed opinion.


                 There’s no such thing as “rape culture”, honey. Nobody wants to rape you. These hot chicks are getting laid and regretting it, sure. They’re getting hit on and they love it. Don’t make men stop giving hot girls attention just because you’re not getting any. That isn’t fair to the ladies or the men.


                 Feminist propaganda says that there actually isn’t a difference. Women of all shapes and sizes are feminists and men are just picking out superficial things to make fun of rather than make the argument about the issues feminists try to bring up.

                These idiotic arguments are because feminists, as a rule, are dumb.

                 It’s obvious that there are more fat feminazis than skinny ones. End of story. You think that skinny women speak out but men ignore it and look past it because they value a standard of beauty that have been taught since a young age? You’re crazy!


                 Women that don’t get laid are trying to get attention any way they can. It’s obvious to those that are aware, but women would never admit it. Trying to grasp at any tatter of male attention they can’t get is obvious.


                 Fat chicks have always been judgmental and picky about how men treat them. They often ignore that anybody that even offers to date them is doing them a favor. Fat girls have a sense of entitlement that they don’t deserve.


                 The Broad Boxxx take away isn’t about feminism. It’s about entitlement. If women want to be listened to, they have to look a certain way. It’s obvious. Hot women are the majority and the most respected. So earn respect the way you know you need to: Losing weight.

Once you lose that weight, maybe you’ll start to realize that women don’t have it so bad.