How Sex-Positive Women Ruin Dating

                Linda Jones is a popular local artist in town. Her sex positive water color paintings are enchantingly beautiful and tastefully sexy. Linda, like most artists that need to get by, also has a job at Randy’s, a dive bar deep in the city. This is the setting for the scene that sparked the story.


                Jones was getting off of work on February 2nd at 8 pm. During the shift change, a day-drunk Peter Castro stopped her in her tracks to compliment her on her paintings.


                “I had been serving him all day… I really feel like it’s my fault things went south,” admits Jones.


                Castro proceeded to tell the artist that he was elated to finally meet a girl that liked sex. He went on to describe in great detail how conservative girls seem to be even though they dress provocatively, and how difficult it is for a great guy like him who doesn’t want “just sex” to get laid in this town.


                “I kept offering her a ride home,” Peter recalls. “She’s really hot and I knew she was down to fuck because of her paintings.”


                When Linda Jones declined all advances, the potential suitor was furious. The situation could have been handled in a much last dramatic way, but Linda would not even consider going home with Castro or giving him her number.