The Facts : Women Love Attention

                It makes a woman feel sexy to be noticed and commented on. While some feminazis will insist that any unsolicited attention isn’t what women dress up and look nice for, practical men and real women know the truth: Women live for it.


Harassment is a strong word, but a little step in that direction can go a long way. If a man is attractive or using the right words, girls can really open up and feel beautiful. It could even lead to a date!


                The cat call is an unsolicited compliment from a distance. This standard move is a quick and easy way to send a short burst of attention to a woman who has obviously put effort into her appearance. This simple token of affection can go a long way toward making a woman feel good about themselves.


                Keep in mind, the divisive opinions about cat calling come from women that enjoy the attention. The girls that would rather "go unnoticed" are playing an elaborate game of pretend. The act females play is a heavily tested and traditional tactic to seem unavailable and “too good for you”. Part of the game that we’ve been playing since the beginning of time.


                She’s walking through the street, with her pants too tight and a nice work shirt. You give her whistle- she rolls her eyes. That’s how the game starts. She is making herself seem aloof and uninterested. Validating her appearance will be a little harder, but we all know how much women love compliments. Though we don’t recommend following her for too long a time, giving her a little trot might be just what she needs.


                In addition to the things that keep women happy and satisfied in the street, standard flirting and communication can be just what woman needs at the bar or in a friendly setting. While men might feel uncomfortable commenting on a friend’s body or sexual availability, it is important to remember that this is expected. If men weren’t giving them that attention, women would change their tune pretty quickly about not wanting to objectified.


                The main take away is that there is nothing a woman loves more than attention and borderline harassment from men as long as the man is attractive or skilled. Judging your attractiveness to a woman can be as simple as cat calling or crossing the lines of your friendship and seeing how she responds.


Don’t worry about the fear of rejection. Even if she isn’t attracted to you, she still loves the attention. You do yourself a favor by exercising your freedom of expression and she gets to feel wanted. Giving women unsolicited attention is always a win/win!