An Open Letter to Women That Won’t Let Me Touch Them

As an introduction to this piece, I’d like to say that I was on the other end of this letter. I am Broad Boxxx contributor and very good at being woman. When I was touch by a man as he examined my tattoo, I was not happy.

I pulled away, shouted, and even made a big deal to all of the people around me. I thought it was the most feminist thing to do. The person who did this to me was embarrassed and angry. Eventually, he tracked down my e-mail through some people at the bar and sent me this.

I want to let readers know I now understand that I was wrong. I apologize to Travis and anybody else who has ever let their defensiveness and insecurity get the best of them in public.


An Open Letter to Women That Won’t Let Me Touch Them

                I’m cultured, okay? I’ve been to Europe. I’m a touchy guy. A kiss on the cheek is nothing compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen men to do women over there. Lighten up a little bit. Don’t be so American.

                I love when women say that me touching them is threatening! And by love, I mean hate. It’s called sarcasm. Read a book. There is nothing less threatening than human touch. It’s how we as a society connect.

                Celebrating a woman’s body is a compliment and, frankly, the most feminist thing you can do. Grabbing your arm to see that tattoo is friendly. Your tattoos are probably shitty and basic anyways. There are actual rapists for you to worry about and I’m not one of them.

                You want to feel loved and respected by won’t allow me the same behavior I use on my friends. I treat guys like that, too. You want to be equal so bad then let me just see your tattoo. And yes, this is about a particular incident that got me worked up. But there have been others.

                Like if you’re at the bar and I put my arm around your waist to introduce myself. That’s cute. Don’t act like it isn’t. When a man is giving you a compliment and trying to sleep with you, it isn’t the time to make it all about how independent you are. This about seeing if you have the right body for me to take home.

                I have also touch hair, danced with women that weren’t dancing, and held a woman by the arm while we had a pleasant conversation about my career at a bar. All of these instances, I took those women home and slept with them. They let life happen and they were rewarded for it.

                Just lighten the hell up. If somebody touches you and they aren’t immediately threatening you, don’t flatter yourself. Be an adult. Let life happen. You’re never going to find love by being a stuffy feminazi 24/7.