Sarcasm. Ever Heard of It?

Taylor was just a girl at a bar having a good time. She’s 23 and got legs for days. This regular old girl in a bar quickly realized that no matter how hot she looked, there may be no hope for her when she was approached Chad Hiller, a frequent attendee of Glu Night Club.

“Is that bottle blonde to piss your ex off or to trick people into thinking you’re more fun?” said Chance in reference to her hair color.

His broad smile fit his face perfectly and was known to get girls sopping wet on site. Taylor wasn’t having it. She immediately walked away to another table without engaging. She reacted as if this flirty first line was an insult. Big mistake.

Why did she get so upset about such a small joke? Chad was determined to find out.

By following Taylor to her next table, he was able to see that her ass was perfect. This made it even more important to him to seal the deal by bringing her home. He even admitted later that he’d settle for getting her number at this point.

“What’s the matter, angel? It’s joke,” Chad immediately explained.

He went on for about 20 minutes about the way he uses jokes to communicate. Taylor learned a lot about how to be grateful for male attention and how to take a compliment. She was also introduced to a special type of humor that she obviously was not familiar with: Sarcasm.

This sign of intelligence is a great way to break the ice or make people laugh. Men often use this tool to show off to women not only how smart they are but exhibits the ability to be endlessly funny.

Taylor, unfortunately, never got the message that night. But there’s still hope for you and me. All of us can learn from this experience that tragically ended in both Taylor and Chad going home alone that night when they easily could have just scored with one another.

He’s just being funny! Every girl says they want a funny guy but tend to get too sensitive when a real funny guy entered the picture. You don’t want funny, then, do you? You just want to laugh and not be even a little insulted. Isn’t that asking a little too much?

Real humor always cuts people down. That’s what makes it funny. Sarcasm is a great way to do that. Just say something you don’t mean or flat-out mock what other people are saying. Being able to match the sarcastic cynicism of a man is the ultimate way to let him know you’re interested and maybe make him thank that you're also smart and funny. 

Unlike most women, men are complex when they flirt. There are better ways to make him like you than to pretend he isn’t funny to you. While you may think you’re being hot by giving him a little rejection, it’s actually kind of annoying. We even recommend laughing more than you might feel like laughing. 

Not laughing when a guy is making joke or even laughing quietly can hurt a man’s ego. Once you’ve tarnished the male ego, there’s no going back. Educating yourself about what sarcasm looks and sounds like can prevent this from happen.

So, get a little crazy with it. Laugh hard and often to let him know you’re interested. You may even make him think that you’re smart. Keeping this in mind at the bar, or anywhere men are, might just get you lucky.