Libertarian Facebook Post Finally Defines Patriarchy


                After much deliberation in his dimly lit bedroom, Ryan Thomas was finally able to explain “The Patriarchy” to those who would listen on his Libertarian Facebook page. This page is valuable resource for popular opinion, hailed as "Politically Dank" by more than a few of the members,


                Thomas has been administrating the Facebook page for a few years now. He reports that many more women have been liking and interacting on the page. Unlike the freedom based conversations of a simpler time, the conversations quickly took turns toward women’s perspectives on politics. Political correctness and taking others into consideration was running wild in the post comments, making it difficult for the boys to speak freely. 


                “It started after the Occupy movement,” Ryan Thomas recalls. “There were all of these chicks saying our memes are sexist. It was making the male members really uncomfortable.”


                The dutiful admin quickly got to work trying to make memes more offensive to charge the women out of the group. The task only made matters worse when the girls began complaining that treating their gender unfairly was an attempt to repress their ability to express their political opinion.


                This, Thomas insists, is when the patriarchy discussions began. It was time for an expert in Libertarian politics and gender equality to set the record straight about what the patriarchy was and how people interacted with it. The following is the first year college student’s bold take.


                Men did not create The Patriarchy to keep women down. Women created the patriarchy as an excuse to be submissive. Women don’t like to be in charge, it’s too much pressure. I know girls are whiny but they like stuff the way it is. They get to say no to guys that are nice to them to pursue good looking guys. That’s a privilege they get just like men get to have more money. It’s a fair and balanced system. The Patriarchy doesn’t even exist. If girls want to seem more smart, they’d admit that. Maybe them politics would take them seriously.

                The post received a lot of feminist backlash. Though there are only 36 women in the group of 1,567 members, the ladies were quickly jumping on all sides of the problem. While some chose to agree that feminists (often referred to as Feminazis) have created The Patriarchy in their mind, others were defiantly pointing out the flaws in the post. This left a perfect gap where the boys could call women too catty and competitive to contribute to political discussion.


                One female member, Linda Hernandez, spoke out when reached for comment. “This Facebook page is a bunch of dudes jerking each other off. They have no right to pretend they know what the patriarchy is.”


                The main take away for Broad Boxxx is illustrated well in the thread. When women are assertive about things that they think men have control over, men have every right to criticize and even correct the female view. As Thomas put it: “If you think men are oppressing you so much, maybe go on a date with an actual nice guy like me instead of the oppressive douche bags that you all date.”