Woman Finally Proves Herself as "Not Just Another Girl"


Avid video game player and long-time male Dennis French was surprised when an unknown female that he’d taken home from a party was able to beat him at Call of Duty Saturday morning at around 4 a.m. Dennis was quick to assume that Salina was just another girl with no real value and, presumably, much less intelligent and interesting than himself.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                “I was trying to piss her off so she’d leave after we had sex,” French recounted. “Then she really kicked my ass and I was like, ‘Whoa, this isn’t just some slut'.”


                Dennis had often brought a rando home from his friend Ted’s classic house parties, but this was the first one that he’d let spend the night. Normally a quickie followed by video games is satisfactory to get the girl out of the furniture scarce one-bedroom apartment. After proving herself as a human being with skills that Dennis respected, he was intrigued enough to let her stay the night.


                When reached for comment, Salina said, “Yeah, he’s a douche bag. I’m almost ticked off to hear he had a good time.”


                Salina is known to go home douche bags at Tom’s parties due to heavy drinking and reduced decision making ability. She is especially receptive to the practice of negging (when a romantically interested party insults a person in order to reduce the self-esteem to the victim) when she is drunk. This particular night was not different, according to Salina.


                “He offered to go get me a drink and came back with a vodka soda when I was clearly drinking beer.” She goes on to explain, “He told me it would help me slim down to drink more body-consciously.”


                Although Dennis does not recall saying this to Salina, he does admit that she was “a little chubby for his taste” and stands by his decision to take her home because he was too drunk to care about her muffin-top at the time.


                “It actually ended up surprising me,” Dennis admits. “I guess fat girls have more time to get good at video games because they don’t get laid as often.”


                The main take away for both parties was the astounding difference that video game skill makes in modern dating. Women are asked to prove themselves in a lot of very easy ways, much like Salina was able to on the night of the party. Simple hair, make-up, and expensive clothing aren’t enough anymore. Dating is challenging us women to have skills that actually matter to men so you don’t get written off as Just Another Girl.