Preventative Money Saving For Millennials

We live in a complicated financial world. Living and working on your own after being financially supported is not an easy transition. Just look at this article where they lovingly blame this generation for not being able to repair the housing market because of their inability to earn an income. The charts and what I assume are targeted ads show how impossible it is to get this generation to fix the last generation’s mistakes.  

The cultural expectation is that young adults will graduate high school, live in a dorm, get that piece of magic job paper, and start a family. DUH! Just do that! The housing crises cannot recover until you do.

Unfortunately, the kids aren’t doing that. They’re staying at home because “expenses” and “excuses”. Here’s how fucked up the world is. Take a look at this:


We’re at a record high for kids that are still living at home! Except before 1960ish, when it was more socially acceptable.

You might be one of those kids. You’re trapped between a child hood you didn’t ask for and an adult world that expects you to be at your peak productivity immediately and all the time. Otherwise, you won’t be worth the space you take up.

So, here are some tips to ease the plight of the young, hot, entitled lifestyle to which you subscribe. How can you save and make money like this? Easy!

1) Get a Fucking Degree

The Human Resources lady won’t even look at that resume if she doesn’t see a degree on that thing. Maybe if you have enough experience in your field (like if your 47 and have been working in your field that whole time without a piece of paper hanging around your neck) then she’ll look beyond it.

This article is not for that 47-year-old.

This is for the kid that couldn’t get off their ass, get a scholarship, and do four years of time consuming and emotionally demanding college courses just like everybody else. Idiot.

Oh, you can’t afford school? Where are your parents? Dead, in poverty, or abusive? C’mon. Excuses!

Work your way through school.

We have all heard from silly little content articles that you simply cannot work your way through college anymore. The amount people are getting paid for entry level work simply does not permit that option. Student loans and grants are the primary option. This leaves students, even hard working ones, susceptible to a lifetime of debt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who writes those articles? Millennials!

That’s what those lazy fucks want you to think.


2) Educate Yourself on Mental Health (6 Years Ago)

Having panic attacks? Mood swings that are out of your control? Do you constantly self-medicate with alcohol by drinking every week end or smoking weed every night?


So what’s best way to make sure you stay in school, hold a good job, never break down, and stop buying illegal drugs or ten dollar cocktails?

Educate yourself on mental health. Know the signs of a mood disorder and be able to recognize them in yourself and your friends. Have health insurance and enough money for that copay. You need somebody to talk to and might want to see if medication is an option.

Depression may keep you in bed all day. You may feel overwhelmed by all that’s expected of you by parents, friends, and even yourself.

Do all of this before college. Hell! You might want to start in high school. This is a time when bullying, college applications, hormonal changes, and very important test make life hard to handle. Your coping skills are not at their best, but your stress is at its peak.

You will miss important opportunities by acting out or disengaging.

If you did a shit job on those tests, got too overwhelmed to do all that homework, or didn’t know that professional psychiatric help was an option then maybe you deserve the shitty future you’re forced into by the child version of you’s choices. You should have been more capable in those fragile developmental years.

Ugh! Complain, whine, and cry! If you want to claim that you’re not emotionally well equipped enough to keep up with the rest of world, you should have thought about that six years ago.


3) Get Into Politics

Older people will admit to the mistakes their generation made. They will also advise us to fix it.

That’s not that tall of an order.

Politics can be a way to resolve systematic targeting of those already in poverty and the stigma surrounding mental health. The rich get richer and influence the government while we barely eat every day. Student loans and health care are privatized because deregulation is God and regulating them by government standards would ruin all the money companies are making at the expense of the poor and dying.

How do you, a poor victim of the God of deregulation, stop this cycle?

In a society obsessed with productivity that’s feeding the children of the capitalist elite, there is pressure on the everyday person to prioritize their career and work hard every day. It doesn’t matter how stressful or pointless it may be in the grand scheme of things. That’s the expectation.

If you’re not happy with the way things are as a whole, you can get into politics and run for office. Vote, write letters, make some real change. You’re struggling in community college? Maybe law school is the answer!

Sitting around isn’t going to change anything. Neither is sharing your shitty meme about Bernie or Hillary. Real change comes from playing a game you ever agreed to play by rules that the bullies made up and keep changing so they can win.

Those are the best ways to make sure you don’t waste your twenties! Preventative money saving is always a good way to rock your life style by completely uprooting it and changing everything about yourself.

Oh, yeah, and stop drinking Starbucks every morning. Cook at home more and take the bus instead of driving.

Good luck, kids!