5 Boundaries to Cross to Let Him Know You Moved In

1. Throw Pillows


We all know that man aren’t allowed to like decorating. This is illustrated in their automatic distaste for throw pillows. Every single man hates throw pillows because they are not masculine. If you want to make your man aware that femininity is now the theme of his apartment, throw in a couple chevron pillows on that leather couch. Make sure they’re a gender neutral color like coral or turquoise that way it feels like a compromise.


2. Organize, Organize, Organize!

This place is a dump! All of this stuff everywhere!
Introduce small storage solutions like little drawers and countertop shelving. Starting in the bathroom is safest because you can disguise it as a necessity. He will think you just need a place to keep your flat iron for when you come over, but it is really an assertion of your claim to space.


3. Hair


This one is easy because it happens all on it’s own!
You can always help the hair along by pulling some out of your crash to leave in the sink or leaving a heavy deposit in the shower. These little reminders that you sleep in his bed and see him in nearly every waking moment at his home will bring a stiff smile to his face. Point it playfully that you’ve consumed him with the debris of yourself.


4. Party!


Have you always wanted to have a dinner party but your place just doesn’t fulfill your codependency patterns? Invite mutual friends and your friends alike to come make a mess and see the change that’s occurred in your boyfriend’s place. This outward expression of a super intimate and personal journey is probably more important than the journey itself. The validation you feel is like falling in love with him all over again.


5. The Key


There’s a reason some men fear the key. It’s is the final frontier in this war game you’ve been carefully playing. While sharing intimate and trusting time with a man is nice, it does not compare to knowing that you can come over when he isn’t home and finally feel that rush of being part of something for once in your life: A Relationship.