Community Event : The Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine is an art, communication, and support collective that makes zines and provides community events for women. They will be hosting a fundraiser on December 15th at 7pm at 323 Hutcheson St. to educate and empower those that are interested in supporting.

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As a member and lover of this organization, I am excited to attend and perform at this event. I think support networks of any kind are an important and often overlooked necessity in every person's life. I am honored to call Diving Feminine one of the major support networks that I have as an artist and as a woman. 

About the Event 

via coordinator Jennifer Free

The Divine Feminine is a Woman-Identifying Monthly Meet-up, with changing focus on body health, mental health, self-esteem, empowerment, and community.

This Divine Feminine is a place for women to teach women about being women. This does not mean the role a woman should be in society, but how to navigate society as a woman. Being a woman in society, there are certain unique situations we encounter and few places to go to figure out how to deal with them. Feminine aspects are underrepresented and not openly discussed.  

Ways of presenting the self, ways of pleasuring the self, having sex, not having sex, birth control, marriage, staying single, polyamory, periods, not having periods, being infertile, never having a period, menopause, having a vagina, having a penis, having both/neither, transitioning over, wanting children, not wanting children, there are so many ways of being a women that are not discussed, that are not presented to us, or we even know are available to us.

The meet-ups of the Divine Feminine aim to connect women with women to teach all they can, present their information, share their stories, personal views and experiences, and mainly to support our fellow women in whatever their endeavor may be.

To sign up for our email list and get information on events, email us at

The Free Thinkers- 323 Hutcheson St, Houston TX 77003
Line up includes
Julia Claire
Traci Lavois Thiebaud
Britt Vasicek
Julian Luna
Sara Royer
Jennifer Free
Jeffer Thomason
Zach Harvey

Contributing to the event will ensure that this collective continues having events to support, empower and teach women, along with events for all identifying individuals to come celebrate their feminine side in an accepting and open environment.