Community Event : Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun is a peer discussion group for women with mental health obstacles and desire an honest connection with people like themselves. The members call themselves Sunflowers because sunflowers (you guessed it) follow the sun. This unique network of ladies accepts those in any stage of recovery or treatment from medicine and therapy to yoga and meditation to nothing at all.


This discussion group provides insight into the ways that women are coping and hope to cope with mental illness. By sharing their own stories and journeys, they hope to provide a resource for women navigating mental illness and remove the stigma that suffering from one can carry.


To provide for a safe space of uninhibited expression, Follow the Sun is an all female network. This group does not offer any professional counseling, but can help connect those that desire treatment to professional help.


Having attended a meeting I can say that these women are strong, passionate, and creative. The desire to create a safe space that accepts women that struggle for who they are and helps them communicate at the core of discussions. Each month offers a different theme and activity.


For the month of January, Follow the Sun will host the Unmask Yourself meeting which you can find and RSVP to here.

Come out and join us for our second meeting for food, drink, conversation, and sisterhood! Bring an open mind and be prepared to get crafty and make new friends and memories as we share our experiences and encourage one another.”