A Night of Houston's Performance Art

We're on the 15th floor of an apartment building with concrete walls. I am aside at a kitchen counter watching magic unfold and feeling more creative and powerful by simply being in it. I’ve been invited to an Experimental Action meeting and I feel like a total square next to this amazing circle of people.

In preparation for a Performance Art Night (PAN), the artists and experimenters of Houston sit in a circle and talk mad game. Managing things like audience member participation, consent, and potentially big messes make sitting in on this meeting feel like something big, important, and a little scary.

On February 6th, a night of performance art will take place at Notsuohs to continue a tradition of showcasing Houston’s wealth of unique talent. Performance Art Night is a way for the people of the city to connect over the form. Curious or long-time lovers are invited to either spectate or, in some extreme cases, mildly participate in a night of experimentation and expression.

The venue itself functions as a work of art and has a taste of Houston’s rich performance art history. Performance Art Night began as a way to connect and showcase the sometimes overlooked but wildly creativity inspiring art style and has made a home in Notsuohs gorgeous space.

Julia Claire started PAN with a vision to do exactly what it has done and continues to do. After studying under Elia Arce, Julia began and fueled an empire. “I fell in love with the medium and it’s transformative power and it became a life passion,” she says in reference to performance art. This is the same person that teamed with other powerful Houston artists (Evan McCarley, Jonatan Lopez and Jana Whatley) to manifest Experimental Action (ExA) festival. The leadership of the festival has now shifted and grown into a larger group of passionate artists and creative professionals, all invested in creating more ground breaking experiences.      

Experimental Action is a performance art festival that took Houston by storm in 2017. You can read up on it here, here, and here. This ambitious and successful event brought some exposure to the craft of performance art and inspired people to connect with the community behind it.

PAN’s new curator, Jennifer Free, divulges details to the planning meeting that you wouldn’t believe even if I told you. About ten performers will be taking the stage to rock some worlds. I wish I could tell you what you are going to see when you get there.

You're just going to have to be blown away when you get there.